Getting a vacation rental in Fort Myers Beach, Florida is a great way to save money on a vacation, but it’s important to pick the right rental property to make sure you get the most out of your trip. While there are a lot of great properties to choose from, it’s important to consider the style of vacation that you and your traveling companions enjoy.

For example, a lot of families love the idea of renting a large beach house for a family reunion. While these properties can be great, it’s important to really look at the house and make a plan for exactly where everyone will sleep. Just because an ad says a property will sleep a dozen people doesn’t mean that there it will work for every family of twelve. Think about which groups will want their own bedroom, and special needs such as whether a property has rooms with space for a crib or that are handicap accessible. Also consider a property with multiple entrances so that younger generations returning from a night out won’t disturb Grandma. If the family has children of widely different ages and sleep schedules, it might not work to put all of the kids in the same bedroom to sleep. Of course, a lot of families also discover that having some privacy gives everyone a much better reunion experience.

Next, think about the exact location of the property. A lot of people are so set on a being beachfront that they don’t think about properties that are within walking distance of the beach. In addition to being less expensive, these properties are also a great idea for people with children. You’ll have no worries that kids will run out to the beach when no one is looking, but it’s still easy to get everyone to the beach and back without loading up the car. A group of friends on a trip might want a property that is located closer to clubs and restaurants, making it easy to get back “home” after a night of partying.

Finally, consider if anyone in your travel party needs or wants special features. Even though many people come for the beach, a lot of vacationers love the idea of having a private pool for when the waves get to be too much. Handicap accessible properties are also a necessity for some groups. Other people might be concerned with the kitchen appliances available or amenities such as a fitness room or hot tub.

The key to having a great vacation is to make sure that you choose the right property. Be sure you think about the needs of everyone in your party, and you’ll be off to a great start.

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