While it’s always a bit melancholy to have Labor Day arrive and officially end the summer holidays, it can also be a time for celebration. If your travel schedule is flexible and you don’t have kids heading back to school, September can be a great time to get away and enjoy some of your favorite vacation spots.

In fact, Fort Myers is a great place to visit in the off-season, especially because it really doesn’t have a “shutter-up and go home” culture. While the area hosts a larger visitor population during the winter months, it has a stable local population and lots to do year-round. However, there are advantages for tourists before the busy winter months, and these include:

1. A different flavor.

If you love the Fort Myers area, you’ll find even more to like after the summer vacations are over. The locals kick back and relax, and you’ll find the beaches are quieter and more enjoyable. For some reason, enjoying the sunset is just that much better when it is just you and a loved ones relaxing.

2. Great savings.

If you’re into saving money (and who isn’t?), you’ll find bargains galore. Not only are premium rental homes often available at a discount, you’ll find many clothing and other stores offering great clearance sales. Whether you want to pick up next year’s swimsuit or just a pair of sandals, you will find a great selection on the many items remaining after the summer season. You can also often find a big discount in airfares to Fort Myers during the fall months.

3. David Johnson of the Neville Brothers.

The Parrot Key Caribbean Grill is hosting the popular one-man show by David Johnson of the Neville Brothers. He has performed in national venues and shows including Jay Leno, David Letterman, and the Today Show. He provides a memorable evening while providing a range of sounds including Pop Rock, Motown and Soul. You’ll find this a great experience to add to your Fort Meyers schedule.

4. Sunset Celebration at Time Square.

While you can enjoy this evening event throughout the year, it’s even more enjoyable for fall sunsets. Just as you will enjoy that time on uncrowded beaches, this popular tourist attraction is that much more enjoyable when the crowds thin out.

5. Island Hopper Songwriter Fest.

If you have any musical interests at all, this event will really blow your mind. Internationally acclaimed singers, songwriters and artists come each year to share their experiences and gain inspiration. You have the opportunity to attend dozens of no-charge shows and hear performances in a relaxed, informal environment. The artists share back stories and insights and try out new works on appreciative audiences. If you want to have that “backstage pass” experience packed into a long weekend of fun, this is an event not to be missed.

Take the time to see Fort Myers the way the locals see it and you’ll want to come back again and again.

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