Fort Myers Beach Water Activities: Thrills & Tranquility Amidst Resilience

Stand Up Paddleboarding in Fort Myers Beach

Despite the challenges posed by Hurricane Ian, Fort Myers Beach has demonstrated remarkable resilience in rebuilding and restoring its water activities. With a collective effort from the community, this popular beach destination now offers a diverse range of options for visitors and locals to indulge in. From relaxing sunbathing sessions to exhilarating water sports, Fort […]

Affordable Vacation Activities in Fort Myers Beach!

Family beach vacations can be expensive. The larger the family, the more money you often find yourself shelling out for fun experiences. But that’s how family holidays are, right? Wrong! Fort Myers Beach offers an abundance of free family-friendly activities. These kid-friendly and budget-approved ideas are a way for the family to enjoy an affordable […]

Top 4 Pet-Friendly Activities in Fort Myers, FL

things to do in fort myers

Bring the entire family, including Spot, as we offer pet-friendly rentals at Sun Palace Vacation Rentals! Don’t have pet separation anxiety as there are many pet-friendly things to do in Fort Myers that include your furry loved one! As we offer Fort Myers Beach pet-friendly rentals, we’ll give you a rundown of areas to explore nearby your stay with your pet!

Have Some Fun on the Water

Beachfront Vacation Rentals

Something about the ocean draws people in. With glorious views, sandy beaches, and the warm sun shining down, Fort Myers is the perfect place to enjoy it and everything that comes with it. Find your ideal place to stay with Sun Palace Vacation Rentals in one of their beachfront vacation rentals and have easy access to the water. There are plenty of activities for every ocean lover to take a dive into a water-filled adventure.

Cruisin’ the waters of Fort Myers Beach!

Cruisin' the waters of Fort Myers Beach!

Few life experiences – if any – are better than being on the water and it gets even better cruisin’ the waters of Fort Myers Beach! From the sparkling and tranquil Gulf of Mexico, through Mantazas Pass into the calm and life-rich waters of Estero Bay, boating in Southwest Florida is something no one should […]

Having fun on the water!

Having fun on the water

Of course we rave about our Fort Myers Beach but one can’t really experience the full beach adventure without also having fun on the water! Glide above the placid Gulf of Mexico while para-sailing. Skip through the serene waves on a Jet-Ski or WaveRunner. Paddle the tranquil Estero Bay in a kayak or aboard a […]

Fort Myers Activities for a Lazy Vacation

Vacations are meant for rest and relaxation. While getting away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday chaotic life, come to Fort Myers Beach to have an easy good time. There are many places to go that won’t hype you up, but instead, give you a lazy, unwinding experience. One of the best things […]

Explore Fort Myers Beach Attractions with Sun Palace Vacation Homes

Explore Fort Myers Beach Attractions with Sun Palace Vacation Homes You’ll never run out of things to do in Fort Myers Beach for there are a variety of outdoor activities, holiday events, concerts, museums in store for everyone. If you also want to keep the kids busy, you’ve come to the right place. Check out […]