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Rental Agreement for Sun Palace Vacations (Schedule A) V9.2

Sun Palace Vacations Inc. is a nationally accredited property management company operated by Ron Hemstreet and Judith Lee-Hemstreet of Fort Myers Beach, Florida. We either own or manage the properties listed on our website and have been in this business since 2001. It is our sincerest wish that you have a wonderful vacation and we are here to help make that happen. If you have any questions about the Rental Agreement please call for an explanation. Our professional affiliations are listed on our website.

Terms, Conditions & Payments:
By “Submitting” this form, You (herein after referred to as Guest) are confirming that you have read and agreed to the rules and regulations listed below. Acknowledgement of your reservation will be provided upon receipt of a non-refundable deposit of Thirty per cent (30%) of the total plus the cost of Travel ProtectionInsurance, if purchased, and is payable by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card. The balance is due 60 days prior to the arrival date and is payable by Debit Card, Credit Card, eCheck, paper check, postal money order, bank draft or bank wire transfer. It is your responsibility to make sure your payment arrives on time. If the balance remains unpaid at 45 days, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation and put the unit back on the market. (See Cancellations & Substitutions below). Reservations closer than 60 days must be paid in full by credit card when the booking is made. Your reservation will be confirmed subject to verification of price, receipt of payment, submission and approval of your guest list and the understanding that you will adhere to the regulations of the terms herein and of Sun Palace Vacations Inc. (Herein after referred to as SPVI.)

To make this reservation, you must be at least Thirty Years old (30 yrs.) and occupy the unit for the entire time of the reservation. We do not rent to groups of singles under 30 or those under Twenty-one (21) years of age with chaperones – ever. The maximum occupancy of people over the age of Three years old (3 yrs.) is listed on the website for each unit and is strictly enforced. We reserve the right to determine the number of children under Twenty-one (21) years of age that may accompany a parent or guardian. Guest may not assign or transfer this agreement.

All registered guests staying in the unit, and their ages, must be listed below. Outside guests are not permitted without approval. Local management will ask you to leave immediately with no refund if the reservation was made under false pretenses, you are underage or if there is evidence of outside, non-registered guests.

Please do not leave children under 18 alone in the unit.

Cancellations & Substitutions
You may cancel without penalty within Forty-eight hrs. (48 hrs.) of making your reservation. All cancellations must be made by email sent to Any change or cancellation of reservation prior to the original scheduled arrival date will be subject to the loss of deposit and any advance payments. If the reservation has been paid in full and the house is re-rented you will receive a refund equal to the amount the house was re-rented for, minus a One Hundred Fifty dollar ($150.00) service charge which may be applied to a future reservation. If you have only paid a deposit and the house is re-rented but the combined total does not cover the original rental rate, then there will be no refund or credit. Changes that result in a shortened stay will not result in any prorating, refunds, or reduction in rents. Late arrival or early departure does not warrant any refund or credit of rent. Despite our best efforts, some matters are beyond our control (for example including but limited to: plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, software problems or sale of unit) and the accommodation may not be available. If this occurs, we reserve the right to substitute an equivalent property at our discretion. If similar accommodations cannot be found, a full refund will be given to the guest. If a similar location cannot be found, SPVI shall not be held responsible for any consequential or secondary circumstances, including but not limited to relocation expenses or additional travel expenses or any other loss. SPVI does not assume any liability for loss, damage or injury to any persons or their personal property. Neither does SPVI accept liability for any inconvenience arising from any temporary defects, including but not limited to stoppage in supply of water, gas and electricity, outside construction noise or plumbing. Nor will SPVI accept liability for any loss or damage caused by weather conditions, natural disasters, acts of God or other reasons beyond its control. This paragraph is not a substitute for Travel ProtectionInsurance. (See next paragraph) Should litigation or a credit card chargeback arise from this agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover all costs including reasonable attorney’s fees, and each party agrees to be bound by this provision.
Cancellation Policy Acceptance: Initials 

Travel Protection Insurance:
Sun Palace Vacation Rentals has partnered with Red Sky Travel Insurance to provide Sun Trip Preserver® coverage for our guests. Sun Trip Preserver provides cancellation and interruption services as well as emergency assistance and travel services. Protect yourself in the event of hurricane evacuations and family emergencies such as illness or death in the family. The travel insurance is optional and the cost is 7.75% of your total reservation stay. When making a reservation online, you have the option of selecting either Yes or No before the final amount is totaled. If you are traveling between June 1 and November 31 this is Hurricane Season and travel insurance is strongly recommended. There will be no refund or credit for any reason other than those covered in “Cancellations & Substitutions”

To learn more about Sun Trip Preserver or to file a claim, please visit

Phone: 866-889-7409, Email:

Mail: Red Sky Travel Insurance
c/o Arch Insurance Company
Executive Plaza IV
11350 McCormick Road, Suite 102
Hunt Valley, MD  21031

Accidental Guest Damage:
Guest must notify SPVI of accidental damage and it must be reported at the time it occurs or before your departure. (This allows us to repair or replace damaged items before the next guest arrives.) If SPVI determines that no intentional, wanton or willful misconduct was a cause of the property damage, SPVI will repair or replace the property as needed, up to Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) for efficiency and one bedroom homes and up to One Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($1,500.00) for two bedrooms and larger. Any damage that exceeds $1500 will be the responsibility of the Guest. Willful, negligent or wanton damage will be charged to any credit card we have on file. The Guest agrees to be responsible for damage caused by the guest’s party or visitors. The property is inventoried upon each guest departure. If you discover any deficiencies in the inventory or damage to the property, please inform SPVI. Please note that damage done by your pet(s) is the Guest’s sole responsibility and which will be charged to your credit card.
Guest authorizes SPVI to charge any credit card on file for non accidental damages and accidental damages over $1,500.00: Initials 

All units are privately owned. The guest shall hold the owner and SPVI harmless from all claims or causes of actions arising from the rental of the unit. The owner and SPVI are not responsible for any of the guest’s items lost, missing or stolen.

Check-in time is after 4:00 p.m. Please notify everyone in your party.
Occasionally, an early check-in or a late check-out may be purchased for an extra fee. It is only available if there is no one scheduled to occupy the home on the same day of your arrival or departure. Even if you buy an early arrival or late departure, it is not guaranteed and subject to change. In such a case, we will refund the payment but will not be responsible for consequential expenses or secondary circumstances incurred by you due to this cancellation.


  • Check-out time is by 10:00 am. Please be on time, as our housekeepers need time to get the property ready for the next guest. Guests checking out between 10:01 am and 12:00 pm without authorization will be assessed 1/2-day’s rate. If you are leaving early, please notify our office.
  • Place all dirty dishes in the dishwasher and turn it on.
  • Return all furniture to original locations.
  • We have a professional laundry service for the houses. Please leave used towels in the bathrooms and do not strip the beds. Check the instructions on the house refrigerator, table tent or online House Binder for more details.
  • Tidy up pool area and make sure toys, coolers etc. are put away.
  • Garbage must be bagged and taken to the cans. Please recycle as much as possible: cardboard, paper, glass, plastic & aluminum all go in the blue container.
  • Please insure that there is no excessive cleaning required due to your visit. Empty the fridge and wipe down shelves. Cleaning staff will gratefully enjoy any unopened food you leave behind.
  • Leave us a note about any repairs that need to be done if you not mentioned already.
  • Please double check that you have all of your belongings; especially check outlets for phone and camera chargers. There will be a charge to return items left behind.
  • Please turn off all fans and lights.
  • Lock all doors and windows, check them and if your home has the Point Central Smart Home system, key in your exit code 123456* or follow the directions for your lock as per your Guest Package.

Weddings and Special Events:
Weddings are limited to private ceremonies attended only by the occupants of the property and must be pre-approved and are limited in scope to a few select properties. No outside guests are allowed.
Special Events, such as family reunions, must be pre-approved and are limited in scope to a few select properties. Please call our office for more information.
Failure to declare such a function may result in immediate eviction and forfeiture of all moneys paid.
Weddings and Special Events Policy Acceptance: Initials 

Lost and Found:
Items left in the unit are returned to our office and labeled with the date of departure and the house name. Due to privacy concerns, unless the item is of extreme importance (passport, plane tickets, etc.) we will not call you. There will be a charge to return items left behind. All items unclaimed after Thirty (30) days will be donated to charity.

Turtle Season Beachfront Rules – May 1 to October 31:
Fort Myers Beach is an environmentally sensitive barrier island with a protected population of Sea Turtles who visit our beach each year to lay eggs. To protect the nests and aid future generations of returning Sea Turtles, Lee County has a Sea Turtle Conservation Code, which is strictly enforced.For information regarding lighting, or to report a lighting violation, please call the Town of Fort Myers Beach at 239-765-0202.

  • Shut off or shield lights that are visible from the beach. Close drapes or blinds after dark.
  • Do Not use flashlights, lanterns or any other non-approved light source on the beach. Fires are not permitted at any time.
  • Do Not allow car headlights to shine on the beach after 9:00 pm.
  • Remove beach litter. Balloons, plastic bags, foam and other non-degradable pollutants cause the deaths of many sea turtles that mistake them for food. Convenient trash receptacles are provided by SPVI and by the Town of Fort Myers Beach; we want to make it easy for you to play a role in survival of this endangered animal.
  • Quietly observe a nesting turtle from a distance. Do not shine any lights on or around her — she may abandon her effort to nest. No flash photography. Stay behind the turtle so that she cannot see you.
  • Do not harass a turtle by touching her or prodding her to move. Stay out of the way as she crawls back to the water.
  • Fill in any holes dug in the sand and remove all beach furniture, boats, toys, tents, etc. by 9:00 pm every night and store them close to the house or landward of dune vegetation.
  • Keep pets on a 5 ft. leash, away from sea turtles and their nests.
  • Leave sea turtle nest identification markers in place on the beach.
  • Leave nest sites undisturbed. If you find a hatchling wandering in daylight, place it on moist sand in a dry container, shade it and call Turtle Time, Inc. immediately: 239-481-5566.

Guests are responsible for all fines imposed for code violations. I Agree: 

To report dead or injured sea turtles, or, if you have accidentally hooked a sea turtle that is small enough to rescue, contact: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission 1-888-404-FWCC, or call Turtle Time, Inc. 239-481-5566 immediately.

Dogs are permitted in most but not all units so please inquire when booking. Some units have size and number restrictions. The following breeds are not allowed due to insurance liability: Pit Bulls (Also known as: American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bully, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier and American Bulldog), Rottweiler’s, Chows, Akitas, Wolf Hybrids, Staffordshire terriers, Beaucerons, and Dobermans, plus any mix of these breeds or any dog with a history of biting. If any of these breeds are found in your unit or on the premises, you will be asked to vacate immediately with no refund of any payments. Cats are not permitted except by written permission and in only Three (3) of our houses. There is a non-refundable pet fee, which varies depending on the size of the dog and is noted on the house page of our website. If a pet fee has not been paid, but there is evidence of an animal in or on the premises your credit card will be charged Two Hundred Fifty dollars ($250.00) plus Fifty dollars ($50.00) extra for last minute administration. If any dogs or cats are found in a non-pet friendly unit or on the premises, you will be asked to vacate immediately with no refund of any payments.
Guest is responsible and liable for:

  1. any damage to any property or any item on or in any property caused the pet;
  2. any personal injuries to any person caused by the pet;
  3. removing all pet waste.
  4. making sure the pet does not disturb others.

We are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as it applies to Service Dogs, who are trained to perform a service. Please note the ADA does not cover “Therapy Animals”, so please do not bring critters other than dogs (or cats with written permission) to our properties. This includes, but is not limited to: birds, reptiles, pigs, ducks and monkeys. If a pet other than a dog (or cat with written permission) is found in your unit or on the premises, you will be asked to vacate immediately with no refund of any payments. The pet fee does not cover removing pet waste so please stoop & scoop. There are biodegradable bags at all Beach Accesses for this purpose. Pets are not allowed in the pool. You must keep your pet on a Five foot (5 foot) fixed leash and under control at all times. The owner of the house and SPVI shall be held harmless from all claims or causes of actions arising from but not limited to damage or physical injury caused by the pet. You are responsible to have your pet up to date on all shots and vaccinations including but not limited to rabies, bordetella and tick and flea treatment. Please do not leave pets home alone if you are expecting a service technician, as they will not enter the premises.
Guest authorizes SPVI to charge any credit card on file for violations of this Pet Policy: Initials 

Smoking is not permitted in any unit. If there is evidence of smoking in the house, your credit card will be charged Five Hundred dollars ($500.00) plus the cost to remove all evidence of smoking. (This typically involves dry-cleaning of window treatments and bedspreads, shampooing the upholstery and carpets, and changing the air filters.) You will also be asked to vacate immediately with no refund of any payments. Please smoke outside and clean up all evidence of smoking. By signing this agreement, you authorize us to charge your credit card for expenses related to smoking in the home.
Guest authorizes SPVI to charge any credit card on file for violations of this Smoking Policy:

Boats, Vehicles and Structures:
It is understood that RV’s, boats, motor homes, trucks, motorcycles, trailers etc. are not permitted without specific approval and possible extra charges. It is also understood that, at no time, are boats or vehicles to be used for accommodation or connected in any way to utilities of the main home. Some of the homes have docks that may or may not have power or water. All houses have limits for the number of parking spaces which are stated on the property listing and strictly enforced. No structures larger than an 8 foot by 8 foot canopy are to be erected without permission. If you are planning such a structure please fill in the question at the bottom of this contract. Beach chairs, other equipment and structures are not allowed between the gulf and the seawall after sundown. If a non-authorized structure is found on site, you will be asked to remove it immediately. Please refer to the property listing for details.

Digital locks, Lock boxes & Remote Controls:
Most of our properties now have the Point Central Smart Home digital keyless lock system. You will be issued a unique, time sensitive, six (6) digit code to access the property for the duration and time frame of your reservation.Some properties have a Schlage Digital lock and you will receive a 4 digit code for these. A small number of homes have special Hurricane doors which will only accept keys. If so equipped, one key will be in a lock box on the property, typically by the front door. Please do not remove the key from the keypad as there will be a Ten Dollar ($10.00) re-attachment fee. Leave the key in the lockbox if you are not in the house, in case one of our staff has to enter for emergency repairs. Lost keys will be charged at the rate of One Hundred dollars ($100.00) per lock to cover the cost re-keying.

In all cases, you will be provided with your code and Guest Package, by email, Seven (7) days prior to your arrival providing we have approved your guest list and have received final payment.

There will be a charge of One Hundred dollars ($100.00) for each lost TV or ceiling fan remote control.

Utilities, Services & Amenities:
Local telephone Service is provided for your convenience. Many, but not all of our houses have free long distance in the USA and Canada only. All other long distance calls should be made on your cell phone, calling card or on a pre-paid phone card. Calls or services, including but not limited to Pay Per View, downloaded games or movies not billed to your own payment method will be charged to your credit card with a Twenty-five Dollar ($25.00) payment fee added. Internet / WiFi access is supplied free of charge but is not guaranteed for functionality or performance. In the event of any equipment malfunction, please call SPVI, who will arrange to have the repair expedited as quickly as possible. However, no rent refund, credit or compensation will be paid for any nonperformance of appliances or equipment, including but not limited to pool or spa equipment, appliances and Internet / WiFi access. All appliances and equipment, including but not limited to BBQ grills, either propane or charcoal are to be used at your own risk and you must determine the usability before operation. Maid service is not included. If you would like additional cleaning services, this can be arranged through us for an extra charge. You may purchase a mid stay clean through your Live Stay guest portal. We give you starters of paper & soap products, i.e.: One (1) full roll for each toilet and one (1) roll of paper towels in the kitchen. Starter quantities of laundry detergent, dish soap, dishwasher soap and hand soap are also supplied. Due to liability and safety reasons, we do not leave consumables or cleaning products in our homes, except as noted above.
Utilities, Services & Amenities Acceptance: Initials 

Swimming Pool and Pool Area:The pool is heated to 86 deg. F however, in the winter months the water will usually only reach 15 deg. F above the outside air temperature at best. Pool heaters in Florida do not have defrosters and will not operate below 55 deg. F. The pools are heated between
approximately 9 am and 6 pm from Columbus Day to Memorial Day. It is recommended that the solar blanket be used (if present) when the evening temperatures drop below 70 deg. or the pool is not in use. There is no guarantee as to the pool suitability or temperature. Use of the Swimming Pool is “at your own risk”. All guests assume the risks of use and waive the right to file suit against the owner and / or SPVI for any loss, damage, injury or liability that should occur. NO DIVING. The guest assumes all responsibility for themselves and anyone that they allow to be in the pool area. There is no lifeguard on duty.

  • An adult ABSOLUTELY MUST supervise children at all times. The tragedy of child drowning occurs every year in Florida and is a nightmare we all must work to avoid. Our pools are gated or caged but you as the parent or guardian play a critical role – on vacation just as at home.
  • The pool is open from 9:00 am to sundown.
  • Only registered guests are allowed.
  • Pets are forbidden in the pool and pool area.
  • No glass or breakable objects allowed in the pool area.
  • Area must be kept in a clean and proper order.
  • Please do not throw anything heavier than a pool noodle in the screened pool area as the screens tend to get damaged. This is considered “Willful” damage and is NOT covered by the Accidental Guest Damage clause above.
  • Please insure that young children wear swim diapers and not regular diapers.
  • No balloons poolside as they can cause expensive repairs that are not considered “accidental”.

Please obey rules and times of use that are posted at each pool. The pool is serviced regularly and has automatic cleaning and chlorinating systems. Please notify SPVI immediately if there are any problems or concerns we will respond as quickly as possible; however, there will be no rent refund if the pool or spa is closed or not functioning due to any circumstance. The gates and pool cage doors are to be kept closed and secured at all times.
Pool Policy Acceptance: Initials 

Lounge Chairs and Towels:
If you take lounge chairs and beach towels to the beach, please make sure they are all returned to the house each night. Replacement cost is Two Hundred dollars ($200.00) per lounge chair. Pool towels are inventoried before your arrival so please make sure all of the towels are in the property upon your departure. Your credit card will be charged $20 for each towel missing.
Guest authorizes SPVI to charge any credit card on file for violations of this Lounge Chairs and Towel Policy: Initials 

Quiet times:
SPVI takes the enjoyment of our guests very seriously. Quiet times between 9:00 p.m. (2100 hrs.) and 7:00 a.m. (0700 hrs.) are mandated by the Bylaws of Fort Myers Beach and must be respected. Please remember that noise carries very well close to water and that conversations are easily heard from balconies and pools. The neighbors have our emergency numbers and are asked to call us if there is a problem with our guests. Should continued, excessive noise persist, please be advised that the Sheriff will be called and your tenancy will be terminated immediately according to Florida Statue 509.141 and you will be billed for any damages. Your cooperation in helping us maintain a friendly relation with the neighbors is greatly appreciated.
Please note that exterior speaker systems are not permitted at any time of the day.

Errors, Omissions and Changes:
Every effort is made by SPVI to insure that all information is as accurate and complete as possible on every website that we maintain but it is not guaranteed. SPVI is not responsible for any inadvertent errors or omissions or for recent changes by an owner to their property. Policies, descriptions, conditions, rates and amenities listed are subject to change without notice.

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and may not be changed orally, but only in writing. The laws of Florida govern this Agreement.

Names of all persons who will be occupying the house during my stay:

Your email address:                                                                                           

  1. Name____________________________ Age ____________
  2. Name____________________________ Age____________
  3. Name____________________________ Age____________
  4. Name____________________________ Age____________
  5. Name____________________________ Age____________
  6. Name____________________________ Age____________
  7. Name____________________________ Age____________
  8. Name____________________________ Age____________
  9. Name____________________________ Age____________
  10. Name____________________________ Age____________
  11. Name____________________________ Age____________
  12. Name____________________________ Age____________
  13. Name____________________________ Age____________
  14. Name____________________________ Age____________
  15. Name____________________________ Age____________
  16. Name____________________________ Age____________

Are you a smoker? Yes No

Are you bringing a dog? Yes No   Please refer to the property weight & number restrictions.

Breed: ­­­­­­­________________  Weight:_________  Age: ______  Name: __________________

Breed: ­­­­­­­________________  Weight:_________  Age: ______  Name: __________________

Breed: ­­­­­­­________________  Weight:_________  Age: ______  Name: __________________

Are you bringing an RV, boat, motor home, truck, motorcycle, or trailer or erecting a structure larger than an 8ft. by 8 ft. canopy?

Yes No

Please supply details: ___________________________________________

Are you coming for a wedding or Special Event? Yes No

Please supply details: ___________________________________________

This is a true and accurate list of all guests, pets and vehicles that will be staying at this unit.

Outside visitors are not permitted without permission.

By submitting this Guest List and signing below, I certify that I have read and agree in full to the above stated Rental Agreement. This constitutes the entire agreement between both parties. The laws of Florida govern this agreement.

Guest Signature:   Date: 

Sun Palace Vacations Inc.,

P.O. Box 6451, Ft. Myers Beach, FL 33932

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