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Discounted Moke & Beach Gear Rentals

We’re thrilled to announce a partnership that will redefine your Fort Myers Beach vacation. Sun Palace Vacation and The Moke and Cabana Club have teamed up to create an extraordinary guest rental experience. Sun Palace Vacation is renowned for exceptional vacation homes and condos, while The Moke & Cabana Club offers a unique and fun form of transportation or make your own waves with an electric surfboard. Together, we’re offering unparalleled experiences. Picture cruising Fort Myers Beach in a chic Moke electric vehicle, exclusively available to Sun Palace Vacation guests. From beaches to attractions, explore in style. Stay in an amazing vacation home and reserved Moke for personalized island exploration, our guest will receive a $100 discount towards their Moke rental. This collaboration blends comfort, style, and adventure for an unmatched vacation. Elevate your getaway with Sun Palace Vacation and The Moke & Cabana Club and experience the magic of Fort Myers Beach


Moke car parked underneath palm trees

Moke Rentals

From Fort Myers Beach to St Barth, today, MOKE is at home in vibrant and tropical locales around the world. Its design is perfect for coastal roads, a day out surfing or an evening barbeque by the beach. Although, wet swimwear and sandy toes were far from Sir Alec Issigonis mind when he first designed the iconic MOKE silhouette back in 1959. With more legroom expanded trunk space, a kickin’ sound system and sex appeal this is the private way to get around on the island.  The Moke is sustainable, quiet and good for the planet.  It plugs into any household outlet. Eight hours gets a full charge, and a full charge can get you almost forty miles of drive time. Moke are Low-Speed Vehicle with a maximum speed of 25 MPH. We are street legal on all roads 35 MPH or less. In a MOKE you have time to take it slow, to enjoy life’s journey. Designed for the most beautiful places on the planet, the Electric MOKE is whisper-quiet, and its open-air design makes it the ideal companion for lovers of beautiful destinations.

Electric Surfboards

We believe that everyone should experience the thrill of surfing. And if you can’t find waves to ride, you should make them yourself. As an exclusive Radinn Rental Partner for Southwest Florida, you can rent the latest and greatest electric surfboards!

Radinn boards are perfect for beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders. The X-Sport board is stable and wide enough to ride as a body board, on your knees, or standing up. A magnetic safety leash immediately shuts the board off if you fall off the board.

Speed up to:30 mph*

Fully Charged in 90 min


Cabanas & Umbrellas

Each Package Includes:

  • Premium Cabana
  • Retractable Beach Chairs
  • Beach Towels
  • Beach Blanket
  • Picnic Table
  • Beverage Cooler with bottle opener
  • Speaker
  • Sunscreen
  • Premium Kids Toys
  • Mini Trash Bin
  • Carry-It-All Wagon