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Whether you own a luxury beach condo or a house with a waterfront view in Florida, somewhere along your short-term rental journey, you probably wondered if you should hire a professional manager to help with your business. Still wondering? Consider these questions:

Do I really have the energy and time to manage all aspects of my short-term rental?

Do I consider my beach rental property a source of passive income?

If you view your short-term rental property as a way to earn money without actively participating in all the tasks to maintain it, then hiring a professional manager is the way to go. Unlike long-term rentals, short-term rentals demand substantial effort and ongoing attention. That’s why having a professional manager on your side can make a big difference.

But how exactly do they help?

In this blog, discover five ways property managers in Fort Myers, Florida, can drive your rental to success and boost your revenue.

1. They’re there for you from the start, contributing to the kick-off and expansion of your business.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the short-term rental industry or expanding your property portfolio with new rentals, property managers in Fort Myers Beach have your back, and they’ll help you set up a new rental. Whether it’s choosing the right furnishings, finding the best photographers in your area, or crafting an enticing property description, property managers can handle these initial tasks thoroughly.

At Sun Palace Vacations, we possess the expertise to discern what sets a short-term rental apart from the competition from day one. As property managers in Fort Myers Beach, we’ve developed efficient ways to ensure your rental succeeds — from securing occupancy to establishing an appropriate rate and ensuring those much-needed five-star reviews come your way.

This knowledge is crucial not only at the beginning of your rental journey but also in the long term.

The inside of a Fort Myers Beach rental home

The gorgeous décor of Blue View. Property managers in Fort Myers Beach can help you with picking the right furniture and with many other aspects when you are starting a new rental unit. 

2. They tackle daily tasks, lifting the heavy load off your shoulders.

A significant part of property management involves handling everyday needs. Here are some of the major tasks professional managers perform routinely:

Non-stop customer support

Exceptional customer service is a crucial aspect that secures those highly sought-after five-star reviews and leads your business to success.

Engagement with guests starts from the moment they express interest in renting your property while browsing online and extends far beyond check-out.

In our role as property managers in Fort Myers Beach, we typically manage around 120 guest interactions per month for each beach rental. That’s a lot of work, right?

Still, with time and experience, we’ve developed templates and standardized procedures to simplify the workflow and guarantee the best possible guest satisfaction. And that makes a big difference in the overall scheme of things!

Mastering swift responses

A large part of customer service is responding to inquiries. While presenting your property effectively in your listing with good photos and descriptions can reduce the number of questions, inquiries still come in.

In this field, it’s of utmost importance to promptly attend to these inquiries. What’s considered ideal is an average response time of five minutes.

At Sun Palace Vacations, our guest support team works 24/7 to ensure that all inquiries and requests are promptly and accurately handled. The result couldn’t be better: satisfied guests, excellent reviews, and property owners free from worry.

Handling urgent needs

When managing a constant influx of guests in your beach rentals, unexpected challenges can arise. These may include situations such as guests being unable to access the property due to a malfunctioning smart lock or plumbing issues that result in a lack of water, and so forth. When problems arise, it’s essential to have someone readily available, and it’s even better if this person carries the expertise to address any challenges your guests may face.

At Sun Palace Vacations, besides having a well-prepared team ready to solve any issues, we also count on a list of contacts we reach out to when problems arise — we are talking about skilled plumbers, handymen, etc.

Taking care of your beach rental

A short-term rental experiences a greater turnover of guests, so it’s natural that it needs extra care. To keep your beach rental in good condition, project managers establish consistent maintenance schedules and carry out routine inspections.

The starting point is hiring a trusty cleaning team who can manage small things like inventory checks and restocking supplies and amenities. Still, finding the right professionals can be hard.

Once more, professional property managers have this covered. They typically collaborate with top-notch cleaning companies, which is a winning recipe for maintaining your rental property in good condition.

3. They embrace complex duties and have extensive know-how to always find the best solutions.

Running a beach rental involves more than just handling day-to-day tasks; urgent issues often arise, such as plumbing and electrical concerns, HVAC, and internet connectivity, to name a few. When these situations occur, a good host must react quickly. In certain cases, a delay in resolving these issues could even lead to legal complications.

Handling complex duties is another area where property managers excel. Once more, at Sun Palace Vacations, we have established efficient and cost-effective processes to address these issues.

As property managers, if needed, we also handle the time-consuming tasks of searching, briefing, and negotiating with vendors.

We also maintain a great network of contacts — excellent professionals with whom we have cultivated long-standing partnerships, and they give us the most favorable deals.

As we mentioned, finding affordable and skilled contractors to solve problems can be quite a challenge, but we also work proactively to implement preventative measures, such as conducting comprehensive annual inspections to ensure that fire extinguishers and smoke detectors, for example, are in excellent condition.

Inside a Ft. Myers Beach vacation rental by Sun Palace Vacations

Island Waters is kept in top-notch condition at all times. Property managers develop strategies to ensure your beach rental is always at its best.

4. They handle administrative responsibilities related to marketing and business development.

Especially for those who view short-term rentals as a source of passive income, it’s important to know that the business involves a greater volume of admin responsibilities than they may initially expect.

Software tools can indeed enhance efficiency, yet the ultimate duty of keeping things in order remains with either you or your property manager.

Admin tasks include business development and extensive market analysis. For instance, you’ll be required to evaluate local demand and frequently fine-tune dynamic pricing strategies to keep your rental competitive. While tools such as Wheelhouse or Pricelabs can provide assistance, having someone who knows the intricacies of the industry is game-changing.

Our talented team of property managers in Fort Myers Beach monitors data around the clock to adjust rental pricing. They are entirely committed to mastering this craft to make a significant and positive difference to your business.

View of beach from FMB vaca rental

As property managers in Fort Myers Beach, FL, we make sure Sunsational Sunsets is consistently booked at the right price for the right guests.

5. Their expertise translates to a significant boost in revenue.

Alright, it’s clear that property managers are a valuable asset for your Fort Myers Beach property, but all this comes at a cost, right?

Certainly, hiring a beach rental in Florida, like anywhere else, does come with a price, and at times, it can be high. But the bottom line is that property managers can assist you in not just offsetting their costs but also in generating a substantial profit beyond that.

For one, think about the potential savings they can provide by sparing you from costly contractors and cleaning expenses alone. Frequently, these savings alone can already surpass the commission fees you’re bearing.

Second, property manager experts are able to increase your profits through their marketing skills, property improvements, and revenue optimization, drawing a greater number of guests to your rental.

With our help, for instance, your short-term rental will rank within the top 10% for earnings in Fort Myers Beach.

Fort Myers Beach Rental Managers not only save you time and effort but also put more money in your pocket.

Property managers in Fort Myers Beach can assist you with countless other aspects of the vacation rental game.

With their help, instead of worrying about managing everything yourself, you’ll have more time on your hands to address personal matters and decide how to reinvest all the extra income you’ll be receiving.

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