Favorite Foods in Fort Myers Beach

Fort Myers Beach

In Fort Myers Beach, the love for food goes beyond just filling the stomach; it tells a story of the city’s vibrant culture, rich history, and the boundless creativity of its residents. Picture a place where the backdrop includes gently swaying palm trees and lively streets filled with energy. 

This is where Florida’s hidden culinary gems come to light, offering a palate of experiences as diverse as its beautiful scenery. The dining scene here is a hearty mix of tradition and innovation, creating flavors that gather their own fan base. This journey through Fort Myers’ most beloved dishes showcases not just food, but symbols of the city itself. 

Let’s dive into the stories that make these dishes so special, celebrating the rich tapestry of flavors that make up the heart of Fort Myers’ Beach food scene.

Key Lime Pie – Doc Ford’s Rum Bar & Grille

Doc Fords

In the sunny and laid-back city of Fort Myers, Doc Ford’s Rum Bar & Grille serves up a slice of Florida with its famous Key Lime Pie. This dessert isn’t just about the food; it’s about capturing the spirit and flavors of the region. Mixing the tartness of key lime with the sweet, crumbly texture of a graham cracker crust, this pie embodies the vibrant and refreshing tastes Florida is known for.

At Doc Ford’s, the Key Lime Pie is a labor of love, carefully crafted to strike a perfect balance between the creamy filling and the zesty, citrusy kick of the lime. Topped with a generous dollop of whipped cream, every bite feels like a cool breeze on a hot day, bringing to mind images of relaxing by the ocean and enjoying the simple pleasures of life in Fort Myers.

The pie has built a loyal fan base not just for its delightful taste but also for its ability to bring back cherished memories of beach days and gentle ocean waves. It’s a must-try for anyone visiting or living in Fort Myers, offering a taste of the local culinary scene that’s as inviting as the city itself. 

The Key Lime Pie at Doc Ford’s is more than just a dessert; it’s a piece of Florida on a plate, celebrating the flavors and lifestyle that make the Sunshine State so unique.

Nervous Nellie’s

From the moment you set foot into Nervous Nellie’s, you’re welcomed into a world where casual waterfront dining is redefined. The restaurant’s eclectic ambiance, combined with its commitment to high-quality, fresh ingredients, promises an unforgettable dining experience. Let’s dive into some of Nervous Nellie’s signature dishes that are absolute must-tries!


Florida Gator Bites

Florida Gator Bites presents a unique opportunity to savor chunks of marinated gator tail, fried to a golden brown perfection. These bites are a celebration of texture and taste, especially when drizzled with Nervous Nellie’s spicy creamy boom boom sauce and topped with a sweet and tangy mango salsa, offering a complex flavor profile that’s as exciting as it is delicious. 


Nellie’s Famous Grouper Sandwich

Nellie’s Famous Grouper Sandwich features ocean-fresh grouper that can be served fried, bronzed, or blackened, nestled in a bakery roll. Accompanied by crisp lettuce, tomato, red onion, and a homemade tartar sauce, it’s a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to freshness and quality. 


Piña Colada Bread Pudding

Piña Colada Bread Pudding is a dream. This dessert is a sublime mix of rich coconut and pineapple custard, lovingly drizzled with rum sauce and served with vanilla ice cream for that ultimate indulgence.

Whether you’re craving fresh seafood, innovative cocktails, or simply a vibrant spot to relax and enjoy the live music, Nervous Nellie’s promises an experience that’s both memorable and delicious.

Dixie Fish Co.

Renowned for its fresh approach to traditional seafood and its picturesque waterfront dining experience, this establishment has successfully merged the rustic charm of old Florida fish houses with contemporary flavors and a vibrant atmosphere. Among its wide array of mouthwatering dishes, three stand out, each telling a unique story of the South Floridian culinary landscape and making Dixie Fish Co. an indispensable visit. Here’s a closer look at these must-try offerings:


Mussels with Apple Moonshine & White Wine Broth

A perfect start to your dining adventure, the Mussels dish at Dixie Fish Co. is not just food; it’s an experience. Bathed in a tantalizing broth that blends the zesty allure of apple moonshine with the refined notes of white wine and accented with fennel, yellow onions, grape tomatoes, and chorizo, this dish is a symphony of flavors. Topped with crispy garlic bread ready to soak up the heavenly broth, this appetizer sets a high bar for what’s to come.


Southern Style Shrimp & Grits

Embodying the soulful essence of Southern cuisine, the Shrimp & Grits at Dixie Fish Co. redefine comfort food. A hearty serving of jumbo shrimp, sautéed with fresh chorizo, roasted corn, and spinach, lies atop a bed of “Olde Fashion” buttery grits. These aren’t just any grits; enriched with sweet red peppers and crowned with crispy homemade fried julienne potatoes, they offer a texture and flavor contrast that dances on the palate. This dish is a heartfelt homage to Southern culinary traditions, beautifully presented with a modern twist.


Grouper Reuben

For those craving a sandwich, but not just any sandwich, the Grouper Reuben is a revelation. A succulent pan-seared grouper, delicately placed between slices of marble rye bread, with Swiss cheese melting over its sides, and a zesty Reuben sauce to complement the fish’s freshness. The addition of house slaw adds a crunchy, tangy element that elevates this sandwich from merely great to truly memorable. It’s a creative take on the classic Reuben, showcasing Dixie Fish Co.’s ability to innovate while respecting the roots of every ingredient.

From the Mussels with their intoxicating broth to the comforting embrace of the Southern Style Shrimp & Grits, and the innovative Grouper Reuben, Dixie Fish Co. offers a dining experience that captures the essence of Fort Myers Beach.

Parrot Key Caribbean Grill

Parrot Key Caribbean Grill is an oasis of flavor where Caribbean-inspired seafood and Florida favorites reign supreme. Serving up more than just great food, the waterfront dining experience and the promise of an island-time escape have consistently earned Parrot Key Caribbean Grill the title of Best Waterfront Dining since 2004. Among the plethora of palate-pleasing dishes, a few stand out – and here’s why they are simply unmissable.

Avocado Crab Stack – A Refreshing Delight

Imagine a delicate layering of fresh crabmeat, ripe avocado, and vibrant mango salsa – this is the Avocado Crab Stack at Parrot Key. It’s a dish that feels like summer on a plate, with the sweetness of the crab complementing the creamy avocado and the mango salsa adding a tropical punch. Served with crispy pita chips, it’s a starter that expertly balances texture and flavor, setting the stage for an enchanting meal ahead.

Roasted Beet Caprese – A Twist on a Classic

The Roasted Beet Caprese is a testament to Parrot Key’s ability to take a classic dish and infuse it with new life. Instead of the traditional tomato-first approach, this dish gives the earthy, tender roasted beets a starring role. They are nestled alongside juicy tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, then adorned with a luscious balsamic reduction and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. It’s a flavor combination that’s both comforting and exciting, offering a fresh perspective on the well-loved Caprese.

Lobster Ravioli – Indulgence in Every Bite

For those seeking opulence, the Lobster Ravioli can only be described as a culinary hug. This dish features pockets of ravioli stuffed with succulent lobster, all bathed in a rich lobster vodka sauce. The sweet peppers dotted throughout add a subtle brightness that elevates the flavors. And as if that wasn’t luxurious enough, the dish is crowned with a beautifully cooked lobster tail, making it a decadent must-try that’s as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate.

From the refreshing Avocado Crab Stack to the reimagined Roasted Beet Caprese and the lavish Lobster Ravioli, Parrot Key Caribbean Grill is an essential stop for any food lover in Fort Myers Beach. Adding to the allure is their live music and entertainment, making for a completely engaging visit.

Fresh Catch Bistro

Fresh Catch Bistro offers more than just breathtaking views of the Gulf; it delivers an unforgettable dining experience where the freshness of the sea is served on a platter. From the craft and care in the kitchen to the serene waterfront dining, every detail is curated to enchant. Highlighting the menu are three standout dishes, each with its unique charm and flavor profile that speak volumes of the culinary prowess awaiting at Fresh Catch Bistro.


Chargrilled Octopus

Beginning with an appetizer that sets a boldly delightful tone for the meal is the Chargrilled Octopus. Tender yet firm pieces of octopus are charred to perfection, lending a smoky edge that beautifully complements the briny sweetness of the sea. The octopus is served atop pan-roasted marbled potatoes, striking a balance between the sea’s bounty and the earth’s offerings. Each bite, finished with Fresh Catch Bistro’s signature scampi sauce, is a harmonious blend of flavors and textures, making it a must-try that tantalizes the palate and prepares it for the culinary journey ahead.


Shrimp Mediterranean

The Shrimp Mediterranean is a true delight for seafood aficionados. It features jumbo shrimp that are sautéed to a succulent turn with generous pieces of lump crab meat, creating a seafood duet that’s rich and satisfying. The shrimp and crab are enrobed in a luxuriant caper, artichoke heart, and sundried tomato lemon butter sauce. This medley not only provides a zesty tang but also imparts a layer of complexity to the dish. The sundried tomatoes offer a chewy, sweet contrast, while the artichoke hearts contribute a subtle nuttiness, all encapsulated in a tangy, buttery sauce that’s light yet decadently aromatic.


Sesame Crusted Yellowfin Tuna

For an entree that seamlessly blends the allure of Asian-inspired flavors with the freshness of local catch, the Sesame Crusted Yellowfin Tuna stands out. This exquisite dish features sushi-grade tuna, its outer sesame crust providing a delicate crunch that surrenders to the velvety richness of perfectly seared tuna within. Drizzled with a vibrant Thai chili sauce, teriyaki glaze, and wasabi aioli, each element introduces a layer of complexity that dazzles. Served alongside Thai rice and steamed snow peas, this offering is a graceful dance of flavors and textures, a testament to the kitchen’s mastery in blending world cuisines.

From the smoky chargrilled octopus and the comforting embrace of prime rib to the exotic flair of sesame-crusted yellowfin tuna, each dish is a chapter in the story Fresh Catch Bistro aims to tell—one of passion, quality, and the joy of sharing good food.

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