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Congratulations on your decision to vacation at the pristine and world-class Fort Myers beaches! Given all the fun and available activities, you will need to know exactly what to pack to get the most out of your time in the South Florida sun. Most items for your beach vacation can be divided into two groups: necessities and entertainment. Mix the two and you have a recipe for the perfect escape to the beach.


Bathing Suit
While this may seem like an obvious item to pack, consider putting a second suit in your bag. If you are vacationing, the last thing you will want to do is be worried about washing your suit daily.

Sun Screen
Skin protection is a must in South Florida. Did you know that Fort Myers shares the same latitude as the Bahamas? Remember to apply sun screen before and during your time at the beach. Once you return to your rental or hotel room, aloe vera or a moisturizing cream may help soothe your skin.

Sun Glasses or a Hat
Given the strength of the sun and exposure to UV rays, sunglasses and hats are a must in South Florida. Whether hitting the sand for a pick-up game of volleyball, chasing kids or turning the pages of a novel, you’ll appreciate the ability to block the harmful rays.

Extra Clothes
If you plan on wearing your bathing suit to the beach, packing extra clothes or a cover-up is a smart idea. Throughout the day, you may want to give your skin a rest from the sun or hit up one of the beachside cafes (which often require proper attire). Further, cover-ups can be a great way to dress casually over the course of your vacation.

While sitting on the sand may seem appealing, most people prefer to put something between themselves and the beach. Popular choices for seating including oversized towels, beach mats and chairs.

If hats and sunglasses are not your thing and/or you plan on bringing children to the beach, an umbrella can be a great way to make some shade. For the minimalist, look for a beach chair that comes with an umbrella.

You will need something to hold all the items that you pack for the beach. Try to select a bag that is strong but relatively light. Packing towels, snacks, books and toys can get heavy and cumbersome. A suitable back will help get everything to and from your piece of sandy paradise.


Reading Materials
Whether your preference is a book, magazine or e-reader, there is nothing like a good read at the beach. Reading helps pass the time and is the perfect way to relax.

Toys & Games
Whether vacationing with big or little kids, toys and games are the way to go. Tiny tots will happily spend hours digging in the sand while older children will build sand castles or play pick-up games like Frisbee, volleyball and catch.

Snacks & Beverages
No trip to the beach is complete without snacks. Remember water or other beverages to help you stay hydrated while enjoying the Fort Myers sun.

South Florida is the perfect spot to experience a beach vacation. Take some time to plan accordingly and you will enjoy every moment of sun and fun in and around Fort Myers.

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