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Traveling with your pet presents a lot of challenges, but there are a lot of benefits, especially if you find yourself frequently away from home. In addition to not having to worry about a pet sitter, traveling with your pet means that you’ll be able to monitor his or her behavior and health while on a long trip. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to travel safely and conveniently with your pet.

Start by looking at easy ways to actually get to your destination with your dog or cat. While most airlines offer options for flying with a pet, these can be expensive and inconvenient. Instead, most people prefer to just drive their own car. This gives you access to your own vehicle during your vacation, but it can also give your pet a stable environment to travel in. Odds are your pet is used to your personal vehicle, and it is relatively easy to stop and provide him or her with breaks, food, and water.

Once you arrive at your destination, however, it can often be difficult to find a hotel that will accept pets. Most hotels simply ban them, while many others charge over $30 a day to keep them with you. Instead of dealing with this, many people who travel with their pets simply get a vacation rental.

In addition to allowing pets, a vacation rental facility such as Sun Palace Vacations can often be a lot more comfortable for a pet. Units are larger, and come with a variety of amenities such as kitchens and separate sitting and sleeping areas. This allows you to create a separate spot for your pet to sleep. In addition, you can choose to bring your own bedding or use the bedding provided by Sun Palace.

For pet owners, there are a lot of advantages to choosing a vacation rental over a standard hotel. A vacation rental offers a lot more space, allowing not only for pets, but also for additional guests and/or family members. Having a unit with a kitchen allows you to save money on food and eating out. It can also be very helpful to anyone who is on a specialty diet. Just having a refrigerator means that you’ll be able to store drinks, medicines, and pet treats.

Furthermore, vacation rentals come with the same amenities as hotels, including swimming pools, cleaning services, activities, and beach access. The staff is familiar with the local area, and can make recommendations about a place to eat or entertainment options.  It is possible to take a true family vacation…and include ALL family members!

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