Picnic Island, Fort Myers is one of the Best Places to Have Fun

Fort Myers Beach Taste of the Beach Festival May 7

For a fun-filled day frolicking untouched beaches, exploring the mangrove forests, and gathering around a warm campfire after the sun has set, visit Picnic Island, Fort Myers! This small and secluded treasure right off the coast of Sanibel Island has been frequented by many fishermen, hikers, campers, beach-goers, and of course, picnickers! It’s the perfect […]

The Koreshan State Historic Site is the Best for Learning and Fun

Koreshan State Historic Site

Located just a short drive from Fort Myers Beach is Koreshan State Historic Site, a former utopia for a colony of religious Koreshans that can now be visited throughout the year. Along with many historic buildings and beautiful foliage from around the world, guests can also partake in many outdoor activities on the property. It’s […]