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Bring the entire family, including Spot, as we offer pet-friendly rentals at Sun Palace Vacation Rentals! Don’t have pet separation anxiety as there are many pet-friendly things to do in Fort Myers that include your furry loved one! As we offer Fort Myers Beach pet-friendly rentals, we’ll give you a rundown of areas to explore nearby your stay with your pet! 

Black Island Trail at Lover’s Key State Park

As we transition from Spring to Summer, there are many different scents for Spot to explore on the Black Island Trail at Lover’s Key State Park. Traverse through the path with your leashed pup getting some great panoramic views of Lover’s Key while stretching your legs! Take time to chat with the friendly locals as there are many places to stop and rest on benches along the way. The two and a half mile path offers plenty of shade to keep out of the summer heat with Spot and will be on your list of things to do in Fort Myers! 

Bonita Beach Dog Park

Along the Fort Meyers/Bonita Springs line, you’ll find Bonita Beach Dog Park, a beautiful beach to bring your furry friend while you soak up the sun on a hot summer day! The land is located on the edge of Lover’s Key State Park and offers an off-leash beach for your pet! Spot can hop around in the water and play with the other dogs on the beach expending their energy as every dog needs; otherwise, you may go mad on vacation! 

Beach Buddy Tours

Embark on a fantastic day on the water with Beach Buddy Tours, a dog-friendly dolphin, shelling and sightseeing tour! You can choose from a three, four or a six-hour trip as you watch dolphins splashing, playful manatees and other wildlife along the way! Delight in a special four-hour tour with your four-legged furry including a stop at Bonita Dog Beach. Beach Buddy Tours will be a highlight during your stay, and will be one of your favorite things to do in Fort Myers. Pack a small cooler with food and beverages during your adventure but leave the water toys, water dish, and clean-up baggies behind as they will be provided on the tour! 

Fort Myers Beach Vacation Rentals

Our pet-friendly Florida beachfront vacation rentals will provide your family with spacious rentals and offer stunning views of the Gulf Coast! All restaurants and bars that have outdoor seating welcome your pet to dine with you— Fort Myers is just a “dog-on-it” friendly place! Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel are the only two beaches on the West Coast of Florida that allow leashed pets on the beach, so bring a 5’ fixed leash (no flexi’s). When you’ve had enough of the beach come back to your Sun Palace Vacation Rentals to enjoy a home-cooked meal with our full kitchen setups! On a beautiful summer evening spend the night outdoors grilling burgers with your family as your rental is equipped with a gas or charcoal grill! To view our Fort Myers Beach rentals visit us online at, or to speak with our friendly staff give us a call at 1-855-814-0054! 

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