Summer is beautiful here in Southwest Florida!

Don’t tell anyone up north. They think the summer is dreadful in Florida. But it’s actually quite lovely. Our summer vacation homes are lovely, too! 

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Folks who think the season never change in South Florida just aren’t paying attention. When it’s sweltering up north, it’s comfortable here. Our high temperatures in June, July – and especially – August and September are often lower than the high temperatures in many northern cities. Sea breeze!

After one has lived in those latitudes long enough the changes of the season become as important there as anywhere else and Thomas Hudson, who loved the island, did not want to miss any spring, nor summer, nor any fall or winter. – Ernest Hemingway, Islands in the Stream.

Summer is beautiful here in Southwest FloridaOh sure, Papa was writing about Bimini but he could have been writing about Fort Myers Beach and, in fact, we’re not that far away from Bimini and near the same latitude, give or take a couple of degrees.

In fact, if you search hard enough you’ll find a short story Papa penned about taking his boat from Bimini to Miami, getting a car and driving across the Everglades to hang out for a while in Naples and Fort Myers Beach. Who knows if Papa actually stayed in a cottage now one of our beach vacation homes? We’re ready for your summer retreat! Check out our Area Guide for all the fun of Southwest Florida.

To tell you the truth, plenty of folks in Southwest Florida prefer to keep summer weather somewhat of a secret because if everybody knew how nice it is around here in the summer they’d want to spend that season here, too.

As it is now, everybody thinks it’s dreadfully hot here in the summertime and, you know what? It is. It gets unbearable. You don’t want to be around here in the mosquito-riddled summer.

OK, got that? (Ha! That was just for our friends who like to keep the summer all to themselves.)

The truth of the matter is the summer weather is really very nice: pleasant with a cool sea breeze blowing in off the Gulf, producing the thick clouds about six or seven miles inland which bring the rain.

Summer is beautiful in Southwest FloridaAs the summer progresses, the rains tend to crawl closer and closer to the coast until it reaches the point where most people sent their watches – and their lives – around the daily cooling shower at 4 or 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

Natives know to get off the golf course or the tennis court or the Gulf by late afternoon to avoid the lightning and rain. downpours.

The ancients will tell you the lightning is a pair of twin boys who were scooped by the thunder when their mother was killed by a panther. They became men of thunder and learned to lash out when they became angry. When you see lightning flashing vigorously across the sky the twins are really mad.

Even though the Farmers’ Almanac tells you when the seasons officially change, Florida weather doesn’t know how to read.

Around here, fall tends to start when the first cold front from Up North makes its way this far south and winter arrives when they become a weekly occurrence and will last until the first cold front that never makes it this far south.

You nice folks from up north just keep on believin’ it’s too hot here in the summer. You don’t want to be here.

Ha! We’re just kidding. The summer is a real treat in Southwest Florida.

Can you doubt Papa Hemingway?