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Take an Everglades airboat tour: A classic Florida adventure. There is no greater Florida experience than traveling through the Everglades on an airboat. The Everglades overtake much of southern Florida and offer some of the most unique landscapes in the entire United States. Travel on an Everglades airboat tour to see many great places through the Everglades including through mangrove tunnels, grasslands and swamps. This is your chance to have a classic Florida experience!

Airboats are primarily used in areas like the Everglades in Florida. They are usually used to navigate shallow waters. Airboats make travel easier throughout the Everglades since the water is often too shallow for a standard propeller boat. The airboats make for the perfect vehicle to travel through the Everglades so you can experience the area in the best way possible. Plus it makes for a unique experience that is sure to be a great memory.

The Everglades are incredibly expansive and offer many great areas to tour and get a taste of what life is like in southern Florida. Mangrove trees are located throughout the Everglades as the area has the largest continuous mangrove system in the world. Take a mangrove airboat tour to see these amazing, twisting tunnels and many unique plants and animals. Learn more from your airboat tours about the area and what makes it unique and special.

Grassland airboat tours are the classic tours that many people think of when they visit the Everglades. Glide through the river of grass and enjoy the open landscapes and scenery while investigating the plants and animals.

The Everglades is home to over 700 different kinds of animals. Different animals include birds (herons, egrets, brown pelicans and more), alligators, snakes, turtles, fish, crabs, raccoons, manatees and dolphins. While you may not see all of these animals on your Florida airboat tour, there is a great chance you will see some of them.

Various Everglades airboat tour companies offer different packages of varying times and prices. Safety is the number one concern for all of the companies when looking at airboat tours. Some of the companies will offer either small or big airboats, depending on your preference. Check out each option to make sure it fits what you want to see on your Florida airboat tour. Make sure to obey all safety commands and watch for animals. This is the natural habitat and a protected area.

At Sun Palace Vacations, we would love for you to enjoy a Florida airboat tour, one of the classic Florida experiences! Let us show you the best areas to travel when you are in Florida and where to check out on your Florida airboat tour. Book a stay with us so you can relax after a great day out in the Everglades. We offer the best vacation rental properties in Florida!

Florida Airboat Tours:

Captain Doug’s

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Captain Mitch’s

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Everglades City Airboat Tours

Phone: 1.877.222.6400

Speedy’s Airboat Tours

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Captain Jack’s

Phone: 1-844-326-2628

Photo Credit: Ernie Jr / Florida Landscape / Flickr

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