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Your Guide to Craft Breweries and Local Distilleries In & Around Fort Myers Beach, FL


Sun-drenched shores and sugar-soft sand – Fort Myers Beach, nestled on Florida’s southwest coast alongside Estero Island, is a beach lover’s paradise. But beyond its natural treasures lies another exciting discovery for those who appreciate a well-crafted drink: a thriving craft beer and distillery scene.

Fort Myers Beach boasts a vibrant selection of breweries churning out creative, sunshine-inspired brews. These local favorites, using fresh citrus fruits and local honey, have garnered a loyal following among both locals and visitors. Their beers perfectly complement the coastal vibe, offering a refreshing post-beach pick-me-up.

Distilleries are also emerging as must-visit attractions. Here, you can experience unique sipping adventures with spirits that capture the essence of Florida. Many distilleries even offer educational tours, celebrating the local culture and heritage. The atmosphere at these establishments is consistently inviting and abuzz with activity, making them ideal gathering spots for both locals and visitors to connect over a shared passion for craft beverages.

Craving a refreshing post-beach beverage? Look no further! This blog will be your guide, leading you to the award-winning breweries and distilleries where you can discover your new favorite beachside sip. 

From refreshing Florida-inspired beers to distinctive, handcrafted spirits, Fort Myers Beach offers a world of flavor waiting to be explored!

Best Breweries in and around Fort Myers Beach, FL

Fort Myers Brewing Company

Fort Myers Brewing Company, also known as FMBrew, is a must-visit for anyone seeking good beer and a welcoming atmosphere in Fort Myers Beach. This fun and casual spot boasts a fantastic family-friendly vibe, making it perfect for an outing with the whole crew.

Fort Myers Brewing Company offers a wide variety of beers, including their signature High 5 IPA and refreshing Spyk’d hard seltzers. Whether you’re a seasoned craft beer drinker or just starting to explore, there’s something for everyone.

You can enjoy your brews on their spacious outdoor patio with picnic tables, perfect for soaking up the Florida sunshine. Live music adds to the fun and lively atmosphere, especially on weekends.

The brewery also champions local businesses by featuring food trucks from the area seven days a week. No need to worry about grabbing a bite beforehand — you can find delicious options right on-site.

Plus, they’re truly family-friendly, welcoming both your human and furry companions — leashed and with responsible cleanup, of course.

In sum, this is the ideal spot to unwind after a day at the beach, catch up with friends and family, and experience the best of Fort Myers Beach’s craft beer scene.

Point Ybel Brewing Company

Here’s another great option less than ten minutes away from Fort Myers Beach. Point Ybel Brewing Company is a gem for anyone who appreciates the craft of brewing and enjoys a laid-back atmosphere. What sets this brewery apart is its dedication to creating unique and flavorful craft beers. They offer refreshing ales to robust stouts, with favorites including the IPA lineup and seasonal specialties.

The taproom is great and exudes a laid-back, beachy vibe with rustic decor, creating a welcoming atmosphere for patrons to relax and socialize. The brewery frequently hosts events, including live music nights, trivia nights, and special beer releases, adding to the vibrant atmosphere and attracting a diverse crowd of locals and tourists alike, everyone united by their appreciation for craft beer. There’s a palpable sense of community, and the staff couldn’t be more friendly.

While there’s no full kitchen, food trucks often make an appearance, providing a variety of tasty bites to complement the brews. Additionally, Point Ybel Brewing Company is dog-friendly, making it a perfect spot for pet owners to enjoy a brew with their furry friends.

Coastal Dayz Brewery

Craving that delightful brewery experience with a side of local charm? Then Look no further than Coastal Dayz Brewery. This cute, intimate spot boasts friendly service and a decent selection of drinks at wallet-friendly prices.

They offer a fantastic range of beers and ciders, catering to all palates. Whether you’re a fan of rich porters or smooth IPAs, you’ll find a brew to tantalize your taste buds. Local favorites include the Red Tape Amber and the Bimini Blonde, and for the adventurous drinker, there’s even a rotating limited-edition Milkshake IPA.

Parking is decent, but seating can get a little crowded, a testament to their popularity among locals. Don’t let that stop you, though! The busy and lively atmosphere is part of the charm.

Bonus points for dog lovers – Coastal Dayz is pup-friendly, so your furry friend can tag along for the fun. And on your way out, grab a souvenir pint glass to commemorate your visit.

With friendly staff, a cool vibe, and delicious brews, Coastal Dayz Brewery is definitely worth a visit if you’re exploring the Fort Myers area.

Best Distilleries in and around Fort Myers Beach, FL

List Distillery

Distiller fans will love this one. For those who appreciate the intricate art of distillation and the unique flavors of handcrafted spirits, List Distillery is a dream come true. List Distillery takes pride in crafting delectable spirits using all-natural, locally sourced ingredients. Their impressive selection includes vodka, gin (including the world’s only certified 100% sugar- and gluten-free gin), rum, bourbon, whiskey, cream liqueurs, you name it!

The setup is modern and welcoming, and their tasting room provides a relaxing setting for sampling and discovering your new favorite spirit. While they don’t have a full restaurant like others on this list, they often collaborate with local food trucks.

They offer tours that unveil the secrets behind their creations, allowing you to witness the entire process from grain to glass. Plus, their dedication to using local ingredients adds a special touch, similar to how craft breweries celebrate local flavors in their beers. Keep an eye on their website or social media for special events that might pique your interest.

Heads up: Although walk-ins are welcome, reservations are highly recommended for tours and tastings, especially during peak tourist seasons.

Wicked Dolphin Rum Distillery, Cape Coral

Is rum your spirit of choice? If you’re vacationing in Fort Myers Beach, a short drive to Cape Coral will lead you to Wicked Dolphin Rum Distillery. This distillery caters to rum enthusiasts, offering an in-depth look at the rum-making process.

Wicked Dolphin prides itself on small-batch, handcrafted rums made with local ingredients. They offer a variety of styles, from smooth silver rums to richer aged varieties. Their Coconut Rum and award-winning Spiced Rum are particularly popular choices.

The distillery itself boasts a rustic-modern aesthetic. Guided tours are available, providing insight into the rum-making journey, from fermentation to bottling. You’ll learn about rum’s history, explore the production facility, and even sample some of their best creations.

While they don’t have a full restaurant, they often partner with local food trucks, offering delicious bites to pair with your rum tasting. Also, they host events like cocktail classes, rum-making workshops, and special release parties — all perfect for further exploration of the rum world.

The welcoming atmosphere and knowledgeable staff at Wicked Dolphin will make the experience even better. They’re passionate about rum and enjoy sharing their know-how with visitors. There really are no mistakes with this one — they’ve got it all!

Fort Myers Beach: Best Breweries & Distilleries

Fort Myers Beach isn’t just about the stunning beaches and sunshine. Craving a refreshing change after soaking up the turquoise waters? Dive into the world of craft beverages at a local brewery or distillery! It’s more than just a delicious drink; it’s a chance to discover the passion and artistry behind every bottle, connect with friendly locals, and learn the secrets of crafting spirits.

More than just enjoying a tasty beverage, you’ll discover the stories behind the drinks and connect with the passionate community that creates them.  Fort Myers Beach’s breweries and distilleries celebrate local flavors and techniques, offering a unique tasting experience unlike any other.

Tips for Exploring Safely & Responsibly

To ensure your Fort Myers Beach beverage adventure is fun and safe, here are some helpful tips:

  • Know the Local Laws: Be familiar with local alcohol regulations, including the legal drinking age and open container laws.
  • Plan Your Transportation: Safety first! Designate a driver, utilize ride-sharing services, or explore public transportation options before setting out.
  • Stay Aware & Enjoy: Keep an eye on your surroundings, trust your instincts, and stick to well-lit areas. 

While Fort Myers Beach is known for its safety, these tips are good travel companions anywhere you venture. By following them, you can fully relax and savor your Fort Myers Beach craft beverage experience!

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