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Rictor Norton & David Allen / Fort Myers Beach shell / Flickr
Rictor Norton & David Allen / Fort Myers Beach shell / Flickr

Shelling is a great activity to engage in when visiting Fort Myers, Florida. People come from all around the world to see the shells that wash ashore from the Gulf of Mexico. Thanks to the currents from the Gulf, wonderful shells are always on the beach that captivates beach-goers. There are many great places to check out for beginners and long-time shell enthusiasts. Shell cruises are available to book for serious collectors but here are the eight best places to collect shells in Fort Myers.

Sanibel Island is known worldwide as one of the best places to go shelling. This is the place to go and is just a short drive from Fort Myers. People come from all over the world to Sanibel to check out the beaches and go shelling. The island lies east and west which is different from most islands, making it prime to catch the shells from the Gulf of Mexico.

There are five beaches on Sanibel that are great to visit and go shelling. Bowman’s Beach is a quiet, white sand beach. This is a secluded area that would be great to come and relax while grabbing a bucket to look for shells.

Causeway Beaches has no fee so come park your car right at the water and enjoy the surf and swimming while being able to go shelling. This is a great beach to spread out and relax! Algiers Beach/Gulfside City Park features shade trees and picnic areas which make for a nice stop.

Lighthouse Beach and Fishing Pier features a boardwalk trail that winds through the wetlands along the Gulf of Mexico. This is a great scenic spot to check out while on the search for shells. Tarpon Bay Beach has parking for recreation vehicles and makes for great shelling.

Captiva Island is also a great stop for shelling. Turner Beach is very popular and is a perfect place for beginners and all interested in shelling. Captiva also has Captiva Beach for those who want to check it out.

Fort Myers Beach offers shelling and is worth a visit to see what shells are there. The best place for shelling on Fort Myers Beach is south of the mid-island area.

Make sure to bring lotion, a hat and a bucket with you when going shelling. The best time to go shelling is early morning and at low tide. After storms is also a good time to check for shells. Although any time can be a great time to go shelling, you can find new shells that way! Be patient and enjoy each shell that you find. Each one can be unique and special to you.

There are laws that govern shelling at some of the beaches which means you cannot remove any shell that contains a living creature.

Look where you are stepping when going through the beaches and take your time. Enjoy your time out on the beach to see the great shells that the Gulf of Mexico has washed up. If you’re looking for a great place to stay in Fort Myers while looking to go shelling, let Sun Palace Vacations help you by finding a terrific place to experience the wonder of the sea!

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