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Bart Everson / Parasailing / Flickr
Bart Everson / Parasailing / Flickr

What better way to experience the splendor of Fort Myers Beach then to go parasailing? There are several great places to go parasailing in Fort Myers, and they are worth checking out when you are on vacation. Here’s where to go parasailing in Fort Myers, Fla.

Make sure to wear comfortable clothes that you would wear if you were going on a boat or swimming. If you feel like getting wet, wear a bathing suit but you will not get really wet when you go parasailing in Fort Myers. Prices vary from place to place, though you can expect to pay from $45 to $75 per person. There are several different flights and prices will vary.

Parasailing is very calm and is something for everyone to experience when you are on vacation. Take offs and landings are relatively slow and easy. You will take off from the back of the boat and land in the back of the boat. Parasail boats are United States Coast Guard approved so you will be safe at any of the parasailing locations in Fort Myers.

The best times to go parasailing tend to be in the early mornings, as the winds and water tend to be calmer along the Gulf of Mexico. You’ll have a greater chance at seeing marine life like dolphins if you go earlier and can avoid afternoon showers which are common in Florida. Make sure to bring a camera!

Paradise Parasail on Fort Myers Beach has been in operation since 1982 and has been a popular destination for locals and vacationers. Paradise Parasail offers professional photographers who will accompany you on your flight and offer photos and GoPro videos for you on your flight. Safety is paramount with Paradise Parasail and they will make sure you enjoy your trip! You can book your trip online or call within 24 hours to book your reservation.

Wind and Water Sports has over 40 years of experience in Fort Myers Beach and is one of the most trusted names in parasailing in Fort Myers. All the captains are fully licensed by the United States Coast Guard and the equipment is constantly inspected for safety. Reservations are recommended when booking a trip but the views are breathtaking.

All Island Watersports offer winch direct parasailing which is the safest and widely accepted form of parasailing. You will take off from the back of the boat and land back on the boat. All Island offers a first-class flight which has over 1200 feet of line for $75 which involves two dips. They are open seven days a week, weather permitting.

Parasailing is a great way to experience Fort Myers Beach and offers ways to see dolphins and other marine life in a safe and fun way. Head over the Gulf of Mexico and see all the great things that the area has to offer. Make sure to pack a camera or arrange for a photographer as this is one experience that you will want to remember. Pack some sunscreen and head out to the water. These locations offer great parasailing in Fort Myers!

If you’re headed to Fort Myers to go parasailing, let Sun Palace Vacations help you find a great place to stay in Fort Myers!

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