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Located in the Southwestern region of Florida, you find Fort Myers Beach, Florida. It is a quaint town located near the northern tip of Estero Island. However, the name is often interchangeably used to describe the whole barrier island. It is a 7-mile long island that’s only a bridge away from Fort Myers itself, separated from the mainland by the Estero Bay Preserve State Park. Imagine walking along this beach’s famous powdery white sand with your family and friends.

Accolades for Myers Beach

Named one of the world’s safest beaches, you can walk it in its entirety and enjoy its shallow water without worrying about a strong undertow. All the while, you’ll feel as if you’re on your very own island. You’ll also enjoy a lot of great activities, including shelling, fishing, boating, sunbathing, or simply watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset. At the end of the day, you can enjoy one of the many Florida rentals that are available giving you your own beach-front property for a while at least.

Times Square, New York Has Nothing on Times Square, Florida

Well, we won’t push that point, but when visiting Fort Myers, Florida make sure to take a moment to see why Times Square, New York isn’t the only Times Square that’s worthy of your attention. Just off of the Sky Bridge as you head into Fort Myers Beach is another Times Square that will interest you. This one has a 500-foot long pier, convenient parking at Lynn Hall Memorial Park, beachfront restaurants where you can enjoy a sundowner while watching the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico and more.

What Times Square, Florida Is Known For

Named after the clock at the center of the plaza, Times Square, Florida is an entertaining one block pedestrian street where you’ll love taking in the local culture. There you’ll find lots of restaurants, ice cream parlors, and shops. The kids will love the candy stores, fun souvenirs, and fishing. Oftentimes there are other events and activities happening here too. Then at night there is lots of entertainment in the bars who leave their doors and windows wide open for all to hear and see. So, if you enjoy live music, a good drink, and meeting new people, then you’ve found the right place.

Enjoy a Place Few Know Exist

So, now that you know there’s another type of Times Square available for you to enjoy, isn’t it time you do so? The next time you’re in Fort Myers, Florida make sure you stop by and experience all there is to offer. Afterward, make sure to head back to your beach home rental to rest and rejuvenate so you can return to check out the nightlife without the kids. Enjoy!

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