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Vacations are meant for rest and relaxation. While getting away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday chaotic life, come to Fort Myers Beach to have an easy good time. There are many places to go that won’t hype you up, but instead, give you a lazy, unwinding experience.

One of the best things to do to unwind while on vacation is to golf. There are many beautiful places where you can take your time and play a few rounds. If that’s a little too slow paced, you can find some great places to play a few rounds of mini golf, too.

Visit the Mound House on your next visit to Fort Myers Beach. It is a historical home, converted into an archaeologist site. It displays all of the interesting facts about the Calusa Indians who lived on the shell mounds nearby. Take a tour and find out about the native plants and uses from times past. The tour is free and the guides are very knowledgeable.

Take a ride to Key West on the Key West Express, a beautiful and clean ferry boat with the comforts of home–a beautiful sun deck, indoor area with air conditioning, big screen TVs, cocktails and a snack bar. You’ll be able to tour the beautiful Key West after a few hours aboard this modern-day ferry ride.

The Bowditch Park has a beautiful pathway to the pier, where you may come across some unusual wildlife. There are beautiful species of birds, gopher turtles, and at low tide, you may find some starfish and sand dollars. Enjoy a quick lunch from the burger shack while you relax in the picnic area. You can witness a breath-taking view of sunset while enjoying the quiet beach.

If you enjoy shopping, try visiting Times Square. There are plenty of restaurants with live bands and little shops in this quaint area of town. You may even want to stop to watch a street performer or two. Also close at hand, for a fun day of shopping, is the Tanger Outlets of Fort Myers. Make it a lazy day of finding bargains in this quaint outlet center.

Matanzas Pass Preserve is a natural path and walkway for quiet walk to the fishing dock. Enjoy the wildlife on the way to a stunning view of the bay. You can then visit the boardwalk afterwards.

Ostego Bay Marine Science Center is a research center with knowledgeable staff. They offer a touch tank, shell displays, and many other beautiful displays of marine life from the Gulf. You can view interesting fossils and learn about the exciting pirate history of Fort Myers Beach.

For a day-long easy, yet educational tour of the Everglades, try out the Everglades Adventure tour. It is a guided tour, by certified naturalists, of the swamps and live exhibits. You’ll take a driven tour to the Everglades, an airboat ride, then enjoy a lunch consisting of fried alligator, take a swamp buggy tour, and off to the live exhibit afterwards. You’ll likely see alligators, exotic birds, wild tortoises, snakes, and possibly even a black bear.

If lazy is what you want, but you’re a borderline adventurist, try a parasailing trip over the water. You’ll soar up to 50 feet in the air behind a boat while you see gorgeous views of the ocean on one side and the land on the other. They will even dip you into the water if you’d like, or you can choose to just enjoy the open air.

Whichever way you choose to enjoy your vacation, they have a little of everything to offer. You will not soon forget your lazy vacation in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you have fun.

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