A Lesson Learned on Screening Guests: Identifying the 1% that Cause Trouble

Woman sits frustrated about vacation guests causing issues

As professional property managers in Fort Myers Beach, overseeing a large number of beach rentals, we understand that 99% of guest stays go exactly as expected: a smooth experience with no issues at all. However, there’s also that small 1% that will probably give you a headache. How do you identify them early in the […]

Dynamic Pricing for FMB Rentals: Answering Your Revenue Management Questions

FMB rental home in property management program

When you first start in the short-term rental business, setting nightly rates for your beach rental property might sound simple: just pick an attractive price that works for you and your guests, and you’re done, right? Not quite. Finding the ideal nightly rate for your Fort Myers Beach property is more complex than it may […]

5 Ways Ft. Myers Beach Property Managers Drive Success for Your Rental

Inside a Ft. Myers Beach vacation rental by Sun Palace Vacations

Whether you own a luxury beach condo or a house with a waterfront view in Florida, somewhere along your short-term rental journey, you probably wondered if you should hire a professional manager to help with your business. Still wondering? Consider these questions: Do I really have the energy and time to manage all aspects of […]