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The Florida Coastline offers a variety of opportunities for a kayak adventure, from the exotic mangroves to the oceanfront and connecting tidal creeks. There are especially great paddle trails along the Great Calusa Blueway near Fort Myers and Sanibel Island, where almost 200 miles stretch through the mangroves. Fort Myers Beach also has a great sandy oasis for launching your kayak into rougher, more exciting waters. Whatever terrain you select, your kayak adventure is sure to be a wonderful time, and you’re guaranteed to see some amazing wildlife as well!

Where to Rent Your Kayak

Before you can start your kayak adventure, you will need to rent a kayak. Kayak Excursions near Fort Myers Beach has full kayak and paddleboard service for everyone from novice to expert. There are some vessels great for a kayak adventure with the family and even motorized kayaks available for the less apt steerer. Whether you choose to launch into the ocean and play in the Gulf waves or steer down a gentler coastal creek, Kayak Excursions has the boat for the job!

Holiday Water Sports of Fort Myers also has some good rental options for your kayak adventure. Hour and half-hour rentals are ideal for a short and quick trip before a lazy day on the beach. You can launch down the coastline in the calm waters just offshore and try to spot dolphins or starfish in the beautiful blue waters. You can also time it right, and rent out your kayak during sunset. A romantic kayak adventure waits as the golden globe sinks into the crystal waters and the sky melts into a pink and orange haze. Breathtaking!

Kayak Adventure in the Mangroves

There is a network of mangrove estuaries and tunnels, sheltered bays, and creeks along the Great Calusa Blueway. The 190-mile waterway is known as a “must-paddle” for kayakers, canoers, and even stand-up paddleboarders. The meandering trail travels smoothly, allowing for an easy pace to catch the surrounding scenery. Dolphins and manatees often frolic among the waters, while a variety of wading birds catch fish on the shoreline. The shady oak trees and coastal undergrowth provide a lush atmosphere and some shelter from the bright, summer sun. Start your kayak adventure in the mangroves at one of the several launching points, including the Koreshan State Historic Park on the Estero River, Cayo Costa State Park, and Lovers Key State Park.

Kayak Adventures on the Oceanfront

Why let the parasailers, boaters, jet skiers, and swimmers have all the fun at Fort Myers Beach? Bring your kayak to the beachfront and launch from the sandy shore into the waves. This might not be the best location to begin for the novice, but a moderate to expert paddler can maneuver the crashing waves and make it out to calmer waters and more relaxing, peaceful views. Once beyond the breakers, look out for dolphin, fish, and other sea creatures that might be swimming by your side!

Come Back to Sun Palace

After your kayak adventure and a sunny day on the beach, come back to your Sun Palace vacation rental and spend an evening relaxing with great ocean views and breezes. You will feel energized and rejuvenated during your Fort Myers vacation. We can’t wait to see you here! In the meantime, download our free vacation guide for more attractions and activities in the area.

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