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The Fort Myers Fishing Pier offers some of the best scenery in the Fort Myers area. This is a must-see attraction when visiting Fort Myers due to the amazing location on the Gulf of Mexico. Grab your bait and fishing pole and try your luck fishing off the side of the pier or just sit back and enjoy a nice sunset. Visit the Fort Myers Fishing Pier and enjoy one of the best stops on the Florida coast!

The pier is a central part of Fort Myers and is located across from the Times Square area which is one of the busiest and most popular destinations in Fort Myers. Step onto the pier and watch the activity on the pier or the water sports aficionados.

There’s a small shop halfway down the pier that has bait, snacks and gifts. During weekends, bands, artists and other performers take part in a sunset celebration that makes for a great stop for every member of the family.

The wooden pier is also known as Pelican Pier seeing as pelicans flock to the pier. The pelicans tend to be tame and come in numbers to the area. The end of the pier has a covered pier which makes for a great location to stop and watch the pelicans. When at the end of the pier, look to the east for a view of Estero Island while Sanibel Island is located northwest of the pier.

If you want to stop at the pier, it is located at the corner of Old San Carlos Blvd. and Estero Blvd. across from Times Square. This is a great free activity for families as there is no charge to walk or fish the pier.

Parking tends to fill up around the area, so make sure to plan accordingly. The pier is located in the middle of Fort Myers Beach. To the north of the pier, is a great area for beach relaxation. If you head south from the pier, there are many restaurants and beach-side bars.

Across from the pier is the popular Times Square area which contains plenty of shops, restaurants, attractions and other entertainment options. This is a great area to stop for souvenirs from your Fort Myers vacation. Street performers are plentiful in the area which can make for great fun as you are walking through towards the pier.

The Fort Myers Fishing Pier is a great stop when visiting Fort Myers Beach. There is plenty in the area to check out around the pier, and is a must-see when in the area. Enjoy a day at the beach and then walk down to the pier for fishing or to relax and watch the pelicans. Then head over to Times Square for dinner and ice cream.

Fort Myers Fishing Pier is a great stop and when looking to book a stay in Fort Myers, let Sun Palace Vacations help you find the ideal rental. Book your stay with Sun Palace Vacations and then head out to the Fort Myers Fishing Pier!

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